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The appearance and application of the automatic feeding mixer can provide many conveniences for various engineering construction, which are all the contributions of the automatic feeding mixer and improve the operation efficiency of the equipment in the extent of application. Now let's talk about the reasons for the damage of the clutch of the automatic feeding mixer.
Causes of clutch damage of automatic feeding agitator truck when the clutch of power shift transmission is engaged, the pressure of hydraulic oil overcomes the tension spring force to compress the conflict plate. With the increase of hydraulic oil pressure, the conflict plate contacts with the metal plate and is gradually compressed, so that the clutch smoothly transmits the flywheel power to the transmission input shaft.
Each time when shifting, the collision plate will collide with the steel plate, and the heat generated will be emitted by the coolant. When the conflict sheet and steel sheet become thinner, more hydraulic oil is required to make them fully engage. The engine must further accelerate, and the slipping time of the conflict sheet on the steel sheet will also be extended. The resulting conflict heat will also be more, which will increase the temperature of the hydraulic oil. When the temperature is high enough to change the function of the seals in the transmission, the transmission will leak in.
The internal leakage continuously causes the addition of heat from two aspects: the high pressure oil leaks through the damaged seal, causing the oil temperature to rise continuously; Because of oil leakage, the hydraulic pump must deliver more oil to ensure the pressure required to engage the clutch, so that the clutch can be fully engaged. This also requires the engine to continue to accelerate, so that the hydraulic pump has greater flow.
Such a vicious cycle will inevitably lead to overheating or burning of the clutch until it is completely ineffective.
The reason why the clutch of the automatic feeding mixer is damaged is the above explanation. Of course, if you have any different opinions or needs, please come to our website http://www.gifcare.com Ask about it!