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The drivers of the mixing truck know how to maintain their own mixing truck in the process of operation, but for novice friends, maintenance belongs to maintenance, application belongs to operation, and application and maintenance are two different things. Next, let's take a look at the relevant precautions when driving the mixer, so that the car can also be maintained during use.
1. The continuous operation time of operating equipment shall not exceed 8h.
2. The capacity, quality and slump of delivered concrete shall comply with the concrete industry standards and requirements.
3. The water tank shall be filled frequently for emergency use. Before the water tank is filled with water, it is necessary to turn over the air valve to drain the air in the tank; Turn over the air valve when flushing, and discharge the air in the water tank when flushing is over or when it is out of service. When parking in winter, there shall be no water left in the water tank and water supply system to prevent frost cracking. Note: The water tank is pressurized only when supplying water. Do not travel on the road with the pressurized water tank.
4. The mixer truck is required for transportation, especially for long-distance transportation, because the mixer truck can not only realize long-distance transportation, but also continuously stir the concrete during transportation. Don't let it dry into powder. During this period, the tire often contacts the ground for grinding. How to judge that the mixer tire needs to be replaced:
5. The thickness of the tread pattern must be greater than 1.6 mm. If you often drive on a slippery road with low friction, you can ensure that the tread pattern thickness is twice the above value.
6. Tire tread wear indicator line of the mixer truck. When the wear reaches a certain degree, the indicator lines hidden in the tread grooves will appear. The tread pattern wear indicator line is a flat rubber strip, which is vertically embedded in the tread groove with the tread. If almost all the indicator lines on the tire are clearly visible, it means that you need to replace the tire as soon as possible.
Originally, the use and maintenance of the mixer truck are closely related. It can save a lot of unnecessary trouble to know how to use the mixer truck wonderfully. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.gifcare.com Consult!