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The concrete can not be transported without the automatic feeding mixer, so the mixer truck is very important. The mixer truck is composed of multiple parts, so there are occasional failures, such as the failure of the electromagnetic pilot valve. The following brief section will introduce the solutions to these failures one by one.
If the inlet and outlet holes of the solenoid pilot valve are blocked by oil sludge or other impurities, the sealing is not tight, the movable iron core is stuck, and the circuit has faults, etc., the directional valve can not reverse normally. For the first three cases, the oil sludge and impurities on the pilot valve and movable iron core should be cleaned, and the circuit faults can generally be divided into circuit faults and solenoid coil faults.
Before checking the circuit fault, turn the manual knob of the reversing valve a few times to see whether the reversing valve reverses normally under the rated air pressure. If it can reverse normally, the circuit is faulty;
During the inspection, the instrument can be used to measure the voltage of the solenoid coil to see whether the rated voltage is reached. If the voltage is too low, further check the power supply in the control circuit and the associated travel switch circuit.
If the reversing valve can not reverse normally under the rated voltage, check whether the connector of the solenoid coil is loose or not in contact. Check method: unplug the plug and measure the resistance of the coil (generally between several hundred ohms and several thousand ohms). If the resistance is too large or too small, the solenoid coil is damaged and needs to be replaced.
How to deal with the fault of the electromagnetic pilot valve of the automatic feeding mixer? I hope that this knowledge can help the friends who drive the mixer. I hope you will have a good inspection and maintenance operation when using the mixer truck. More relevant information can be found on our website http://www.gifcare.com Ask and understand!