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When the lubrication system of the agitator truck works normally, the engine oil continuously circulates in the engine of the truck, forcibly lubricates the moving friction surfaces, and takes away the wear debris and friction heat from the friction surfaces. Due to the effective splash to the cylinder wall, the sealing and lubrication of the piston ring and cylinder wall under high temperature and pressure are ensured. Do you know the main reasons for oil deterioration?
The centrifugal oil filter and full flow paper oil filter installed in the engine of the agitator integrated vehicle maintain the good quality of the engine oil. However, with the increase of the vehicle mileage, the filtering capacity of the engine oil filter of the integrated vehicle gradually decreases, and the unburned fuel, water, combustion products (such as carbon deposit and coke), oxidation products of lubricating oil (gum, asphalt, various acids, etc.) Sand, dust, black and non-ferrous metal wear particles are more and more.
The gum deposited on the combustion chamber and the top of the piston can form carbon deposits and cause abnormal combustion of the integrated vehicle engine; There is gum on the piston ring and valve stem, which will cause these parts to bite and stick, and aggravate the wear of various components of the all-in-one vehicle engine.
The main reasons for oil deterioration are as follows:
① Chip deposition generated by friction of parts;
② Paint film, deposit colloid and carbon deposit produced by high-temperature oxidation during combustion;
④ Acids generated during combustion;
⑤ The crankcase ventilation device is blocked, the engine oil has poor heat dissipation, and the engine oil naturally forms colloid when heated;
⑥ The un atomized gasoline in the rich mixture is mixed with the engine oil; And the cooling water in the water jacket seeps into the engine oil, etc.
How does the engine oil deteriorate in the all-in-one car engine? The above is the reason why I have compiled for you. You can learn about it as a reference. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.gifcare.com Consult!