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The metering system of the self feeding mixer truck is indispensable in the mixing plant. Without the metering system, each link of the mixing plant will become very troublesome. All raw materials need to be weighed first and then mixed, which will waste a lot of time and manpower. Therefore, the metering system also needs regular maintenance.
1. All soft connected red rubber hoses and corrugated pipes in the weighing hopper of the self feeding mixer truck are not subject to tension in the natural state, otherwise the weighing accuracy will be affected.
2. After the sensor of the loading mixer is installed, it can only bear the positive pressure (for cantilever type or pressure type sensors) or the positive tension (for s-type or pull type sensors), but cannot bear the torque.
3. For the same scale, its sensors (3 or 4) must be of the same model and specification. Therefore, when installing the sensor, be sure to check whether the contents on the nameplate are consistent. Sensors of different specifications may have the same appearance.
4. When conducting electric welding on the weighing bucket, the control power supply must be disconnected, and the sensor shall be short circuited or the ground wire of the electric welding machine shall be directly laid on the weighing bucket to avoid damage caused by excessive current passing through the sensor during welding.
5. After the loading mixer truck and the Laos sensor (s type) are installed, the lock nut shall be tightened. The suspension screw cannot hold the root of the sensor groove, that is, a gap of about 10mm shall be left between the suspension screw and the root of the sensor groove.
The five points of maintenance requirements for the metering system of the charging mixer have been explained here. If you want to operate the mixer safely, smoothly and with high quality in the later period, you should understand the key points and problems in many aspects. You can come to our website http://www.gifcare.com See the reference information!